Can Online Marketing Help Your Golf Instructor Business?

The tools available to any business through the Internet can help to reach a wider audience and improve sales. But when a golf instructor business starts looking for new clients online, there is a long list of possibilities that should be explored. Any golf instructor business can utilize the long reach of the Internet to expand its business and bring in more students.


When people look for a golf instructor, they want one that is certified and experienced. It is difficult to put all of the necessary certification and experience information on a business card and it is expensive to print that information in a print directory. But a golf instructor can put his credentials online for everyone to find. A golf instructor can start posting information to blogs and websites and reference the link to his website that includes his teaching and playing credentials.

A golf instructor can also link his blog or website to the various teaching organizations he is certified with to improve his search results and add even more credibility to his business presence.

A Little Sample

Golf instructor businesses need to understand the tremendous power of online video hosting websites. It would be a good investment for a golf instructor to have a couple of short lessons professionally done on video, and then post those lessons on as many video hosting sites as possible. As you post your videos, make sure that you:

  • Only post videos that give a little sample of the lessons you offer. The point is to entice people to want to take lessons from you and not to give a full free course of golfing lessons online.
  • Make sure that you put the appropriate tags in each video so that they show up as strong results in the various search engines. Try to keep your tags short and use only 12 to 15 tags per video.
  • Be certain that every video has your business contact information in it. You can either put the contact information in the video description, or you can make sure that the videos all have the contact information as part of the content. Posting instructional videos with the intent of bringing in more clients that do not have contact information is a bad idea.

Guest Posts

Another way that golf instructors expand their audience and gain more Internet exposure is by being guest posters on other people’s blogs. You can join a network of blogs where everyone invites others to post as special guests. You would allow those people to post on your blog as well, which would help to increase your blog traffic. Your information is seen on other blogs by a wider audience and your blog benefits from enhanced exposure as well.

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