The Advantages to Using an Online Directory Over a Print Directory

The notion that print is dead is accurate in some instances and inaccurate in others. Proactive newspapers and magazines are able to combine their print element with their online presence to create a more comprehensive experience for the reader. But some print publications are finding it difficult to keep pace with their online counterparts. There are some significant advantages to investing in being in an online business directory as opposed to putting your marketing money into a print directory.

Expansive Information

Buying space in a print directory is expensive, but it is also necessary if you want to offer information that people will need to develop an interest in your company. When you use an online directory, you can include a link to your company website that offers all of the information a consumer could ever need about your company. If you tried to imagine the cost of printing your website in a print directory, then you can begin to appreciate the savings you will realize with an online directory.

Instant Interaction

An online directory offers information on how effective your directory listing is and allows you to make changes to increase your exposure. It is almost impossible to get this kind of valuable instant interaction from a print directory. You can also include a link in your online directory listing that allows consumers to sign up for your mailing list or online newsletter. Once again, that kind of instant interaction is difficult with a print directory.

Target Audience

When a print directory is distributed, it is limited by the number of copies that are printed and by the manner in which the directory is put into its target market. A print directory has to go to its target market to be effective, and that can be limiting. An online directory uses search engines to bring the readers to it, which enhances the value of the information found in the directory. When you can have your target audience come to you, then you will be able to get much more effective results.


An online directory can instantly change its format to appeal to a wider audience. If consumers indicate that an online directory can be more effective with certain changes, then those changes can be made quickly to expand the audience of the directory. It can take a very long time for a print directory to change its format to try and reach a larger audience. By the time a print directory makes dynamic changes to appeal to a larger audience, that audience may already have new requirements that will affect the ability of the directory to bring in clients.

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