Why a Personalized Online Scheduling Web Page is Important

An online scheduling option for your business website is an important tool in retaining clients and making your business more profitable. But as you are choosing the company you will use to provide you with your online scheduling service, there are some points that you want to keep in mind. Always choose a reputable online scheduling company and always make sure that the company has the features and services you need.

One of the more important options you will need for your online scheduling software is the ability to personalize the page. This goes beyond the ability to put your company logo on the scheduling page. Properly personalizing a scheduling web page means all of the information on the page points back to your company and all of the email notifications come from your company website. As you consider the different online scheduling program providers, you need to use the ability to personalize the scheduling site as one of the deciding factors.

The primary reason that you want to be able to personalize your online scheduling service is to avoid confusion with your customers. When people click on a link on your website to schedule an appointment with your company, they expect to be taken to a page from your company’s website. If your clients see someone else’s information on your scheduling page, they may be confused as to how your online scheduling system works.

Another good reason for customizing your appointment scheduling page is that it adds credibility to your website. Customers do not like being on a company website and then being taken to another company’s site to make an appointment or complete a transaction. Even though most retail websites outsource their appointment making and transaction processes to other sites, their customers do not know it because the sites are personalized. This helps to retain your company’s credibility in the eyes of your clients.

You spend a lot of time and money creating a particular look for your company through your company website. When it comes to that important moment when a client is getting ready to make an appointment to do business with your company, you want to make sure that the process is smooth and reliable. When you utilize online scheduling software that allows you to customize the scheduling page to look like it is a part of your company’s website, then you retain that online image and build credibility with your clients.

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How Online Scheduling Software can Help Job Placement Firms

Job placement firms have a lot of information to keep track of that applies to a lot of people. When a job placement firm starts looking for candidates for one of its clients, it needs to be able to keep all of the information on each client separate and properly filed. When a job placement firm uses online scheduling software, it can allow candidates to browse job opening, submit their credentials and then schedule an interview if the credentials match what the employer is looking for.

The Internet has made it much easier for professional job placement experts to match up potential candidates with the job needs of clients. All a job placement expert needs to do is place an ad on his website and then collect the resumes. But with online scheduling software, he can send out an email that invites qualified candidates to schedule an interview at their convenience. It eliminates the step of making phone calls and allows the placement professional to service more customers.

Another advantage that scheduling software affords job placement professionals is that online scheduling software can also be used by the clients if they have a candidate they want to send to the placement expert for screening. All the placement professional needs to do is make sure that there is a place on the scheduling software for the client to indicate that it is sending over a candidate for screening.

Companies that do not use placement firms can still use online scheduling software to help make their recruiting process easier. When there is a candidate that the company is interested in talking to, then that candidate will receive an email asking him to log on to company’s recruitment calendar and choose a time for the preliminary screening interview. When the process is done online, that makes it easier for the company as well as the candidate.

Looking for the right candidate to fill an employment position can take time and effort. In the initial stages of the search, much of that effort is put into scheduling interviews. With online scheduling software, the company can still review resumes and schedule interviews, but it can do so in a much more convenient manner. The right candidate can be found without having to spend hours and hours calling candidates to schedule preliminary interviews. Now it can all be done online and it can save the company a lot of money and the candidates a lot of time.

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Why Your Company Needs to Utilize Online Scheduling

The Internet is rapidly becoming the default way which most consumers prefer to do business with companies. As you establish your small business, you want to be sure that your website is offering the functionality and information that your customers are looking for. An online scheduling component is important to companies that require clients to reserve a time to do business. There are several reasons why your scheduling feature needs to be online if you want your business to grow.

Track Staff Utilization

When you start a small business, you do not have a lot of capital to hire employees. When you use online scheduling for your business, you can see exactly what kinds of specialists your customers are requesting and how many hours each day your customers need those specialists to be around. This will help you to determine how much staff to hire and whether you need to invest in full-time staff, or if you can get by with part-time help.


The biggest advantage that online scheduling has is that it offers convenience for you and your clients. Your clients can log in to your website whenever they want and make an appointment. They do not need to wait for your business to be open and they do not have to go through the hassle of making a phone call to get an appointment. For your business, online scheduling means less people needed to answer the phones and more time spent being productive. Helping customers to find the right time for appointments can take up the time of your sales professionals and your office staff. When scheduling is done online, it frees up your staff to do more productive things.

Website Transition

Many small businesses try to get their customers to use the company website for a variety of functions, including sales and customer service. Online appointments are one of those functions that customers are comfortable doing and it is something customers can easily take care of. When your customers get used to making their appointments online, it inspires them to check out your other online services and that can cause an increase in business.

Captures Your Audience

When people make appointments with your business using online scheduling, you can send reminders to them via email and use that information to stay in touch with your customer base. By using online scheduling, you can set up automatic scheduling and marketing messages that help to capture your audience and create repeat customers.

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Increase Your Restaurant Business with Online Scheduling Software

More and more restaurants are taking advantage of the communication revolution and using the Internet to bring in more customers. Some of the things that restaurants do to lure in more business include:

  • Getting included in restaurant location apps for smartphones.
  • Developing online pricing specials for Internet customers only.
  • Utilizing texting to help reach a broader audience.
  • Allowing customers to place orders over the Internet.

There is so much that the Internet can do to help you grow your restaurant business, but one of the features you should strongly consider is online scheduling software. Scheduling program providers can offer you the ability to customize the software and make it look like it is part of your website. There are several ways you can use online scheduling software to increase your business.

An online scheduling program can become the centerpiece of your restaurant website. When you insist that people use your website to make reservations, you can also point them towards your menu page and any online specials you are offering. By giving people discounts just for using your online scheduling program, you will expand your customer base and cause people to refer your restaurant to their family and friends as well.

When you keep your website updated, then an online scheduling program can also be the way that you alert customers to menu changes and any price promotions you have going on. Some of your regular customers can take your menu for granted. If they arrive and their favorite item is no longer on the menu, then that could be the start of an unhappy customer. By utilizing the online reservation program, your customers will see menu changes and be able to make any decisions regarding their plans for the evening before they leave the house.

The restaurant business goes in cycles, and understanding those cycles can help you to save money. When you use an online scheduling program, you will know well in advance as to how many staff members you will need for each evening. Your scheduling software can compare reservations with staff needs and help you to create a work schedule that will be more economical for your business.

When people use your scheduling program to make reservations, you can give them the option to give their email address for future announcements. It is a great way to build your email database with people who are interested in your business and who can help your business to grow.

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How an Online Scheduling Program Will Help Your Business to Retain Clients

Making your business client-friendly is an important part of making sure that you retain your customer base. It is difficult to grow a business when you are unable to develop a reliable base of repeat customers. When you utilize online scheduling software, you increase your chances of retaining clients and keeping your business profitable.

Improved Customer Service

One of the big advantages to using online scheduling is that it improves the level of customer service that you offer your clients. When customers can go on to your website and make an appointment at their convenience, it helps eliminate many of the frustrations that come with making appointments over the phone. Some of those frustrations include:

  • Being put on hold by customer service associates.
  • Having to leave a message because no one is available to take the call.
  • Having to take time out of a workday just to call and make an appointment.
  • The potential for communication issues when speaking to someone over the phone.

Improved Appointment Attendance

When you give people the opportunity to make their own appointments, they tend to become more focused on keeping those appointments. If someone takes the time to log in to your website and make an appointment, then that appointment is expected to be the most convenient time for that client. You can also use your online scheduling program to send out reminders to clients about their upcoming appointments. All of this helps to increase the percentage of clients that keep their appointments.

Easier for You

When clients make their own appointments, then that is one less function you have to worry about. If you have someone who you have hired to deal with customer appointments, then you can reduce your staffing costs by putting the appointment scheduling functions online. Sales professionals can check their own appointments through the scheduling software and make sure that their calendars are properly coordinated.

Gauging Client Needs

When you are allowing clients to make their own appointments through online scheduling software, you can start to get a better idea of your client’s habits and needs. If most of your clients are logging in to your website after normal business hours to make appointments, then you know that you may need to change your hours to appeal to the people who are buying your products. You can also tell which days and times of the week are more convenient for your clients based on when they schedule their appointments.

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Using Online Scheduling Software to Make Your Clients Happy

Most businesses would agree that if there is a way to run their company more efficiently and make their customers happy, then that is something worth investing in. Online scheduling software can be used by a variety of businesses to help make clients happy and increase your business as well. When you give customers the ability to schedule their own appointments online, then you are opening your doors to a growing customer base.

Butcher Shops

One kind of business that could really benefit from an online scheduling program is butcher shops. Most people do not enjoy the process of grabbing a number from the ticket dispenser and then waiting for the number to be called. This is especially true of the people that already know what they want. You can make your customers happy and expand your business by allowing customers to schedule their order pick-up on the Internet. Customers can choose what they want from your online menu and then schedule their own pick-up times.

Take-Out Restaurants

Answer the phone and taking orders for a take-out business is not always the most effective way to do business. When you add an online scheduling program to your restaurant website, then customers can choose their order and choose the time when they will pick it up. This allows you to be able to complete orders on your customers’ schedules as opposed to always trying to keep up with the ringing of the phone.


There are many pharmacies that already allow customers to refill existing prescriptions online. You can enhance that service by including an online scheduling program that will allow customers to let you know when they will be in to pick up their medication. You can also use the scheduling software to let customers indicate when they need to talk to a pharmacist while picking up their order.

Auto Parts Stores

Auto parts stores are finding it more difficult to compete with online auto parts retailers. One of the ways you can compete is to use an online scheduling program to let customers plan on when they will pick up their parts as opposed to guessing. Customers can put together an order using your online parts information, and then schedule the day and time that they will pick up their order. If you offer delivery, then your customers can let you know exactly when they want their parts. It is a way of offering an enhanced service that the online auto parts retailers cannot offer.

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Some Tips for Using an Online Scheduling Program for Your Business

An online scheduling program can be the difference between you and your competition that gives you an edge. When you are implementing an online scheduling program, there are a few tips you should keep in mind that will help you to utilize the program effectively and get the most benefit from it.

Learn From It

Your online scheduling software can be customized to accommodate your company’s schedule. But you should give your clients options that go beyond your normal hours just to see if maybe your hours do not reflect the real needs of your business. You may find that you can increase revenue simply by offering later appointments. While you do not want to upset your business too much just to accommodate one or two customers, you should watch for scheduling trends that could help you to grow your business.

Personalize the Page

Never take your customer’s needs for granted when implementing an online scheduling page. You will want a scheduling program that allows you to customize the appointment page and make it look like it is part of your company website. When customers click on a scheduling link and are taken to a different company’s website, it can get confusing for customers. Eliminate that confusion by customizing your scheduling page.

Offer Many Options

When you are putting together the scheduling options for your appointments page, always try to take every possible customer need into account. Work with your office staff to understand the different scheduling options your company offers and be sure to offer the same options, if not more, with your online scheduling software.


One of the big advantages that online scheduling software offers is the ability to send out email reminders to clients to make sure that they do not forget their appointments. You should schedule at least two reminders for each appointment to make sure that clients don’t forget. This is one of those services that can save you money because it prevents you from having to hire more office help just to confirm appointments.

Phone Option

Your online scheduling software is something that you want all of your clients to use because it is easier for your company and it is easier for your clients as well. But it is important to remember that not all of your clients will want to make their appointments online. There will always be a contingency of clients that prefer to make their appointments over the phone. That is why you should always keep the phone option open for all of your customers.

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Scheduling Software Helps Vets to Take Care of Our Furry and Feathered Friends

When a doctor’s office takes appointments, it is generally accepted that these appointments are for human beings. But when a vet’s office takes an appointment, it could be for anything including:

  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Birds
  • Horses
  • Rabbits
  • Snakes

Online scheduling software is one of the best ways that a veterinary office can keep track of its daily activities and offer the level of service that clients are looking for. People often look at their pets as parts of their families. When a vet’s office goes to the extent of offering online scheduling for its patients, then that shows the pet owners that the office cares about getting things right.

A vet’s office offers a variety of services that include:

  • Annual appointments
  • Dental work
  • Major and minor surgery
  • Grooming

When a client uses the vet’s online scheduling software, the client can let the vet know exactly what the appointment is for. This allows the vet to prepare the office for the appointment and make sure that the proper people are on staff for that day. Without this kind of information in advance, the pet owner may have to spend extra time in the vet’s office which can result in added stress on the pet.

Another advantage that online scheduling has for the vet’s office is that it gives the office a way to keep all of the database information clear on each patient. When the patient arrives for its appointment, the vet can put all of the pertinent information in the scheduling program and use that as the way to catalog the appointment. It is a great way for the vet to keep his records straight without using piles and piles of paper.

Online scheduling also allows the vet’s office to send out reminder emails to pet owners who may otherwise forget their appointments. Anyone who has owned a pet knows that it can be easy to forget about an annual checkup. If the pet is not sick or injured, then remembering the appointment can be a challenge. The vet’s online scheduling software allows people to be better pet parents by reminding them about upcoming appointments and making sure that the animals get their annual shots.

A vet clinic will find nothing but benefits with using online scheduling software. It will help the vet, and the pet parents, to make sure that each animal is attended to properly.

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The Benefits of Switching from a Walk-In to an Appointment-Based Business

As your business evolves, you start to think about major changes in your business model that could help improve profitability. Most small retail or customer-interaction businesses start off as walk-in locations where people can walk in off the street and try to buy a product or set up a service. For businesses such as car dealerships, this model is extremely effective. But for other kinds of businesses, this may not be the right approach. There are some definite benefits to switching from a walk-in business to an appointment-based company that each small business owner should consider.

Staff Efficiency

When you run a walk-in business, it is difficult to keep your business properly staffed. You may have specialists in certain areas, but walk-in business can make the availability of your specialists unpredictable. When you change to an appointment model, you can schedule the time of your staff more efficiently and you can get the proper specialist matched up with each customer’s need. It will make your sales more cost effective and help you to address all of your customer’s needs.

Store Hours

When you run an appointment-based business, you can keep the hours that are convenient for your clients as opposed to trying to keep general hours that are hit or miss as far as customer availability. When you switch to an appointment-based company, you may find that your sales increase because your serious clients are only available during times when your business was rarely open.

Stock Rotation

When you have a walk-in business, your stock tracking programs are constantly trying to predict the buying habits of the general public. That can lead to inefficient stocking methods that can cost your company money. When you switch to appointments only, you know exactly what clients are coming into your establishment and what kinds of products or supplies you will need to satisfy customer needs. It can cut way down on wasted inventory.

Online Interaction

When you work on appointments only, you can open up your company schedule to anyone that wants to buy your product or service by having an online scheduling option. Many small business owners make the mistake of thinking that an appointment-based business alienates potential customers. When you allow customers the ability to schedule their appointments over the Internet, you wind up making the process more efficient for you and your clients. Instead of alienating customers, you are making your business more accessible to the clients that really want to buy your products or services.

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First post to get things started

Welcome to the timepicks blog. As you might have guessed, Timepicks is an easy to use online appointment scheduling service. We have spent the last several months building this software and have just released the first official version of TimePicks. We’ve tried very hard to make the software as simple and intuitive as possible yet still powerful enough to reliably handle your scheduling requirements. We are focused on serving small businesses and individual professionals whether you are a medical clinic,spa,beauty salon, acupuncture practice, personal trainer, massage therapist or any business that runs by appointment. We value anyone’s feedback from using the service and are committed to continuously improving the service. So take advantage of our free account and let us know what you think.

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